Bem-vindos a poesia...

Poemas urbanos que emergem a partir de situações limites do cotidiano das Megacidades. Uma forma digna de apresentar uma visão, através da poesia de Sérgio Gerônimo e Mozart Carvalho, principalmente, do cenário carioca contemporâneo.


Corujão da Barra




nocturnal eyes watch
the drizzle over the big city
from high up a building
a cheap motel sighs
a suburban anti-hero
does not belong to any class
he is class-less
a study in life learning violence
nicotine punch, alcohol and
something else
on his belt a thousand-one corrupted virtues
aberrations visions perceptions holy cow
in the shadow of his favorite cover
he is hiding from himself
scent-less despising the garbage
from which he survives
he crosses bridges of thoughts
one day
he’ll end up on someone’s head
whoever gave birth will flee
here lies the weather vain
the rudder of helms
locked up
he will moor behind
the multitudes
in the recesses of the underground
in the underbelly of the metropolis
below the drizzle
and the cheap motel
the city swallows up these men.

Sérgio Gerônimo
Translated by Dr. Ines Shaw, April 2011.

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